Case Study — TT Gaskets

1. The Challenge — Starting Point

TT Gaskets is the leading manufacturer and designer of gaskets and shims in the Nordics but unfortunately their visual identity, tone-of-voice and other marketing tools were outdated and didn’t represent the company in the best way possible. We were asked to help.

The way of communicating in the world of gaskets and shims is traditionally based only in technical information and product specs. This was also the case with TT Gaskets.

TT Gaskets Marketing Material And Website Before Our Involvement

2. The Review — Our Point Of View

By interviewing the staff, researching the history of TT Gaskets and reviewing the bigger picture, we found out that the heart of the operation are the people of TT Gaskets. Their dedication of bringing better services and products to TT Gaskets’ target audience is admirable.

As often is the case, this wasn’t communicated to the outside world at all. Therefore we set out to bring the human touch, the problem-solving abilities of TT Gaskets, the family-made values and quality of their products forward.

Instead of just talking about the product specs and showing images of products, we wanted to communicate clearly why and how the products are made and how they help TT Gaskets’ target audience to get further.

3. The Solution — Humanizing The World Of Gaskets

80% Human, 20% Technical

We brought TT Gaskets’ message closer to their target audience with steps like concentrating on the customer benefits first, adding some human elements and bringing images of the staff to the forefront. However, we didn’t forget about the technical side either and took care that when needed, the technical information and specs are clearly stated and informative. Hence the 80% Human, 20% technical formula.

By using this formula, we set out to build a whole new marketing communications tool kit for TT Gaskets — from a brand book, visual identity, refined tone-of-voice, videos to new websites and more.

A Box Of Family Made Samples

Business Card Example

The Staff Is The Soul Of The Company, So Small Messages Of Appreciation Are Also Spread Around

At Trade Fairs It’s a Tough Competition to Stand Out

So as a test, we set out some tongue-in-cheek posters in trade fair rest rooms to awaken interest and they were appraised by the people who saw them, increasing new business leads and traffic to TT Gaskets’ stand.

4. The Take Away

Since 2015 when we started to work with TT Gaskets, their revenue has grown almost 12% from 15 Million euros to 17 Million euros and their new business inquiries have increased significantly.